Fresh working solution photo chemistry


Prepare solutions with minimal excess, ie if the tank is 11.3 liters is 12 liters ready to later make sure that the solution level reaches the overflow level. We have the proportions between the concentrate, water and starter know what quantity of each product you will need. See if you have them on the shelf! Working solutions can be prepared for example in a clean bucket or directly in the tank of the apparatus. In preparing the tank necessarily remove the cancer.

Tank developer always cover the piece of cardboard litter box that you do not accidentally contaminate it. For the preparation of photographic chemistry is best to use water at 25-30oC. The use of cold water (below 15oC) can cause a precipitate to form.

If lists all working solutions in such a situation the principle is to prepare their starting and ending stabilizer developer. To prepare the developer and stabilizer suggest use of treated water, ie reverse osmosis, deionized, distilled or ion exchange Fuji FRSS. For some minilabs stabilizer prepared for the treated water can cause sliding of images on the guide rollers. In this case, a good solution is to mix with the treated water, eg tap water 1:1.

First, pour the water, then just concentrate and mix too vigorously (20-40 sec). For example, developers 3 partial necessarily keep the order of dissolution. Failure to do so may result in precipitation of the suspension and the destruction of the solution.

In the case of 2-3 after the addition of the partial concentrate of each case after the addition of the solution of the concentrate to be mixed for about 20-40 sec. Cancer put the tank very slowly. Too fast insertion of cancer can cause tsunamis and the shedding of the solution.